Winter Adventure Walks Have Gone to the Dogs

We love the snow!

Did that sound believable? We do like the snow. Or should I say, the dogs like the snow. I kind of tolerate the snow, and the cold, and the ice, and winter in general. But just because it’s winter does not mean the adventures walks should stop. For the girls I just suck it up and get out there with them. Begrudgingly.

dog in snow

Yes, I do love the snow


So, since winter means cold, snow and ice, and even though our winter adventure walks can be pretty fun, there are a few things I need to consider so that our winter walking adventures in the snow stay fun:

  • I regularly check the girl’s paws for ice and snow that can ball up in the space in between the toes and make walking uncomfortable and even painful.
  • Just as ice is incredibly slippery for us humans, the same is true for dogs. So I’m careful when we have to cross an icy path. Slow and steady so no one slips and we find ourselves spending the rest of the day in our veterinarian’s waiting room.
  • For slightly longer walks, the girls wear dog booties. Not only do these help keep the paws warm, but they can also offer protection. Booties provide some grip and they also prevent any injury from shards of ice.
  • Shorter days usually means less daylight on our late afternoon walks. I invested in a few glow-in-the-dark products;  light-up collars and leads, and mini collar led lights. Anything that makes them more visible.


dog in snow

But I love the snow more


Winter walks with the dogs can be an adventure not just for the girls but for me as well.  So I keep telling myself. I will never ‘love’ winter. But for them I will continue to get out there. But it’s no secret I’m really looking forward to Spring!

dog in snow

The ultimate winter adventure walk


Looking for the Perfect Spot to Pee?

It turns out walking your dog counts as legitimate exercise…like I’m telling you something you already didn’t know.

dog running

Getting closer


Recent studies suggest that dog owners walk an average of 22 more minutes per day compared to those who don’t own a dog. And although maybe not a high-intensity sport, people who walk their dogs seem to walk a little faster when they’re being lead along in search of great spots to pee.

dog running

Getting really close


Want another added benefit to walking your dog? Well, it seems walking might be even more beneficial for owners if they leave their mobile devices and worries at home and try to focus on observing their dog and appreciating the surroundings. There’s a proven mental health benefit to taking your dog for a walk.

dog running

Made it


So if you’re in need of some good reasons to get up and go for a walk with your dog, besides the fact that it’s your dog and you really should walk it, just think of the calories you’ll burn and how great you’ll feel out there in nature, watching your dog agonize over the perfect spot for a pee. Enjoy the view!

Everyday is Training Day

Out for a lovely walk on a lovely autumn day.

dogs running

A lovely autumn run is more like it


Autumn is our favourite season. It’s cooler. It’s very pretty. And our favourite dog walking areas are less crowded. It’s win-win all around for us.

dog standing in leaves

I think we’re alone now. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around.


Even though we are out enjoying the change of seasons, we really are still in training mode. The girls may think it’s all fun and games, but I’m secretly doing a little training.

But that’s what it’s all about – training should be disguised as games. It’s supposed to be fun. As they say, if it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong.

How do we keep it fun you ask? Or maybe you didn’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway. 

  • rewarding with the best treats ever
  • rewarding with the best toy ever
  • spontaneous rewards aka surprise rewards
  • no matter what or where we are, keeping my criteria consistent (just because we’re out having a good time doesn’t mean I slack on my criteria)
  • being present when we play. I’m having as much fun as they are
  • keeping any ‘training’ sessions really short (we’re having fun, not going through training drills – don’t want to be a kill-joy!)


We plan on enjoying a lot more lovely days before winter comes. Even then, we’ll venture out and enjoy a few romps in the snow. But with autumn being our favourite season and unfortunately an all too short season, we’re going to get out there and have as much fun as possible. Fun with a little disguised training thrown in of course.

dogs with a stick

Learning to share?